About Guy

Guy Manning is a Nature, Wildlife, Landscape, Fine Art, photographer based in Redding, CA. He travels full time throughout the Western United States and sells his images online.

Guy was educated at Art Center College of Design in Photography. He exhibited in galleries and institutions in Southern California in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Some of that work is exhibited on this site.

Guy is now retired and galavanting full time around the Western North America. He decided it was time to put his cameras to good use photographing and selling images of the handcrafts of Mother Nature. He is managing to spend more time shooting than sitting in coffee houses. He maintains this website and blog at guysgalavant.com. The photography sales site is here.

He loves to read, mostly history related to the Conquest of the Americas through the Pueblo Revolt. He will occasionally delve into fantasy as long as the plots are dense and the books thick. Aside from photography and reading, Guy loves traveling to new destinations and experiencing the local historic and cultural sites.

His current home base is Redding, CA.