Alternate Evolutions

Diorama image of a fantasy seascape.
“Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner,” from the Alternate Evolution Series

This is one of a series entitled Alternate Evolutions. It speaks to contemporary issues in genetics and evolutionary processes.

I often see objects that my brain recognizes as being similar or reminiscent to something else, whether in scale, shape, form or other associations. As a result I went through a period of constructing dioramas on the floor and photographing them. The dioramas were assembled from found objects. My main sources were the beach, things borrowed, or trash. The dioramas themselves were not the final product of the art. By themselves, even with the lights applied, the colors did not appear as they do in the image- a product of what the film sees compared to the eyes.  The dioramas was just a step to get to the print.

The Alternate Evolution series built upon these perceived associations through meanings inferred by subject matter, concept, lighting, and my fields of experience. Movement is alluded to through shapes and the mind’s associations to real experiences.  This short lived diorama was about 1 ½ inches in depth and approximately 16 x 20 inches in area.

Diorama image of a fantasy landscape.
“Raptor Over Canyonlands,” from the Alternate Evolution Series.

The second image “Raptor Over Canyonlands”, reflects my love of nature, the beauty of deserts in general, and particularly the Colorado Plateau area of the Western US. The Colorado Plateau, containing 30 national parks, monuments, and recreation areas, is annually visited by millions of people from all over the world. The appearance of depth is an illusion created by mixed light, object size, and overlapping placement of objects. Textures and tonal gradations in the overlapping parts add to this illusion. The diorama was constructed using tree bark and twigs.

These images was scanned to digital format from 4 X 5 Tungsten balanced transparency film shot in a view camera. The scenes were lit with mixed tungsten lamps and natural light from the north sky. The tungsten film was exposed to this mixed light through a warming filter (85B) and processed normally.

The digital files were re-imagined in Lightroom. Their current state reflects a more contemporary vision over the old C-Prints. All of my work can be viewed here.

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